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Autumn Casts a Spell

Colorful kitty's working name is Autumn, which fits her artistic leafy coat aptly.


Escaping from the shed we had her in overnight, she must have scaled the wall on a small vine and gotten out through a hole we didn't see in the roof. Luckily, my friend Elizabeth found her yesterday afternoon, being slightly menaced by another tough cat under a car. She is so friendly that we were able to lure her with food. I took her to the New Rochelle Humane Society for a once-over and under the circumstances, she is healthy, which is great news. She needs some cleaning up and she's doing a lot herself. Her purrrsonality is so warm. Cats are as different as people and for those of us who have been taken under their spell, they are constantly fascinating. This little tyke went out and got herself a loving home, despite falling into hard times on the street. Would it were so that we all had such determination. See a few more photos from today here.


She's such a beautiful kitty.

I think she should be designated the new Katie Ulanov rugs spokesmodel

Autumn thanks you! There are some new shots coming up momentarily, as she starts to explore her new house and surroundings. She will certainly play a role in the Katie Ulanov rug photo shoot, that is for sure. She will probably inspire a rug or two also. :)

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