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The Cat Connection

Cats fascinate me. For my fellow ailurophiles, Texas boasts a superior store and animal shelter called The Cat Connection.

Cat Connection

Their site is fun and easy to use. As a designer, I am always interested in great-looking and great-functioning  — not to mention, gorgeous colored — products. Animals often get short shrift when it comes to well-designed, eye-catching wares. Not here. Hey, if you're happier using the stuff, your cats will be too. Besides which, I presume that cats of my acquaintance can tell the difference between a well-designed object and a poorly designed one and will turn their discerning noses up at inferiority. Staff and owners at The Cat Connection are knowledgeable about cats since they run a shelter besides selling excellent cat-related merchandise. Here are a few examples of their products I love: the best carriers, beautiful ceramic dishes and helpful behavior-related items, such as litter that attracts felines to the litter box and hard-core stain removers.

Katie Recommends The Cat Connection 

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