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In Vino Veritas

In wine, there is truth — translated from Latin. What a provocative statement.

Katie Recommends Some Great Summer Wines

If wine is a truth serum, that's one more reason to like it, as far as I'm concerned. Truth is the greatest seducer of all. It's time to list some great wines I've been enjoying that are reasonably priced. Here is my short list from this summer, not in any particular order:

1. Ona, Syrah, Chile, 2005 — about $18 — BUY IT
2. Avalon, Cabernet Sauvignon, California, 2004 — about $10 — BUY IT
3. Armador, Odfjell Carmenere, Chile, 2004 — about $8 — a bargain — BUY IT
4. Duckorn Vineyards, Merlot, California, 2004 — about $50 — expensive — BUY IT
5. Montecillo, Crianza, Spain, 2002 — about $12 — BUY IT
6. Huntington, Petite Syrah, California, 2005 — about $15 — BUY IT
7. One other one I have to get the name of — about $13

Red wines all, these nectars will transport you to a place of tranquil well-being without wiping out your bank account while you're away (except the Duck Horn, which is more expensive). These elixirs are so good, they deserve mention. The "good life" has to include some culinary indulgences.

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