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Design by Color

Easily sorting by color is one of the things I love about shopping online.

Shopping by Color

Well-organized online stores such as Bluefly, Nordstrom and Zappos make it easy to shop by color and find just what you're looking for if they have it. This concept is at the center of InMyFavoriteColor.com. You will be taken to multiple retailers but you choose a color to begin. I think it's a great idea. I find that thinking in color categories gets the creative juices flowing. The ability of web stores to let you think this way is a tremendous capability. I no longer want to go to physical stores to plow through racks to find what I might like. It can be fun occasionally to meander with a friend and wile away an afternoon but then I'm really just hanging with that friend, not shopping. To find what you like quickly and plentifully, being able to sort by colors and other smart categories is a huge boon.


I am so glad you enjoy my website - in my favorite color @ www.inmyfavoritecolor.com and enjoy the concept! I don't like to shop but I do love color so necessity prompted me to make the consumer experience more appealing. Thanks so much for spreading the word. Alice Dickerson

Alice, thanks for commenting. Congratulations on your cool website. As mentioned, I love the idea and the layout of items looks great too.

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