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Can Men and Women Be Friends?

When Harry Met Sally is a much-loved movie that addresses this question.

Can Men and Women Be Friends

The couple starts out not even liking each other but put into each other's path by fate. They form a bond, possibly partly because there is not pressure to do so. Years go by and they witness each other's trials and tribulations and a real bond starts to form. They end up realizing they love each other. I like this story and I like the idea. To me, this story backs up my mother's admonition that it makes sense to take it slow, become friends and then see if there's more. But I also happen to think men and women can be friends without the romantic angle. And in fact, right or wrong, I do have several good male friends as well as a boyfriend and the differences are clear.

I've always liked guys. I don't just mean lusted after guys, although I do that too. I have always had a lot of male friends. And I do think that there is often a physical spark that underlies part of the relationship but I do not think it always means that every straight male is just friends with you because they are hoping to score.

Can Men and Women Be Friends

I now have a boyfriend who agrees with me and we both have friends of the opposite sex. He is a very attractive guy. We both know that each other has enough to give to be friends with more than just each other.

Still, I encounter men who tell me that men and women can't be just friends and I sometimes begin to form friendships with men who confuse the situation due to no mixed signals. I'm not making pronouncements, just stating that in my preferred universe, which sometimes occurs on this planet, men and women can share the rich mixture of views, insights and chemistry (without sexuality always) they each have to offer and can make this life a richer experience as a result.

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