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Capturing Life

Photo by Susan Farley

The summer has flown by. Fllllllpppp flllooppp -- there is goes. Luckily, it usually stays warm into the beginning of October so we'll be able to catch some late rays. Anyway, I love summer with its warmth, long sunny days, casual feeling. Here on City Island, we bask in the summertime and drink it in with special relish. I haven't made a blog entry since April because of being caught up with excellent work projects. One of those projects is a website for a richly talented local photographer named Susan Farley (website up within the month). Susan's specialty is people. She manages to capture people at great moments, with affection, insight and beauty. She recently took some photos of my picturesque boyfriend, David, and I tagged along. She snapped a few of us together and I prize them. Here is one. (Click here for larger view.)


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