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April 2, 2006

Booty Call

It's been time for booty call for a while now. Time to get and wear great boots. 

Beautiful tall boots by, L to R: Claudia Ciuti, Delman, Steve Madden 

Women love boots. Why does an expanse of leather or suede make us rhapsodic? For me, it's the color, the luxury of materials, the comfort that do me in. I am not specifically a shoe fanatic. However, I am a boot and a sandal fanatic. (Sandal season is almost upon us, one of the exciting ways to usher in Spring.) Why sandals and boots? Because they are so much more comfortable than mere shoes. Shoes for women usually mean stockings and any freedom-loving female generally eschews stockings.

Country-rooted booties with city slicker flair, by: L and R, El Gringo, Luchese center

There are countless odes to shoes around so this is a simple list. The primary elements that make me fall in love with boots are:

1. The toe — should be beautifully tapered, not a witch's point or rounded, as is this season's trend, although square is an okay second. As an artist, I appreciate that trends get us to look at things from new perspectives. However, my ideal is an elegant tapered toe. I'm surprised how many beautiful designs are ruined by a dagger sharp pointed toe.

2. The color — gorgeous leather and suede colors are that much more striking in boots, since there's an expanse of material. Don't resist color; it is here to make you happy.

3. The heel — beautiful and comfortable wins out. No higher than 3 3/4" for a dress boot and 2.5" is perfect for every day. I like the lift of heels but will not endure discomfort. Cowboy-style heels are graceful while still broad and luckily, you can find great styles these days. For dressier looks, I love shaped spikier heels. Some are completely comfortable; you just have to try them.

4. The materials/textures — swathe yourself in the luxury of high-quality gleaming reams of fabric in your favorite boots and see if it doesn't make you feel good throughout the day. Texture isn't the first thing most people notice in any item but it makes you love something long-term.

5. The reaction — this should probably be number one. My boyfriend had a very positive reaction to me the other day in boots. Suffice it to say you might want to get yo-self a pair.