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Dreams & Schemes

What do you dream — dreams of achievement or fantastic imagined worlds? What makes us dream: daydreams, goals or nightmares?

I cannot believe the things that I and friends come up with in dreams. What dreams lead to goals that lead to the eventual path of our lives? Perhaps the dark night variety is linked to the goal variety. I have tried to consciously influence my nighttime dreams but so far, to no avail.

How are dreams and motivation linked? What makes one person determined to do something or go somewhere? Of course, big motivations have led to breakthroughs of all kinds throughout mankind's history. In our individual lives, though, I wonder if there is a way to harness the power of dreams to help us achieve our goals. My instincts say there is.

For anyone who has made a goals list and seen how that helps make waking dreams a reality, the ability to turn thought into action is undeniable. I think it's important to allow our waking goal dreams to be linked to fantastical dreams. We have to give ourselves permission to dream big and think big. Otherwise, you risk leaving your biggest dreams in your unmade bed and never seeing where you could or should have ventured. 


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Just wanted to stop by to congratulate you on this blog. It's beautifully done and your entries are original and perfectly reflect your love of design and the way you see the world.

As far as this entry on dreams, I have a recurring dream that some cat is waking me up at about seven in the morning every Sunday. I've tried to influence this dream so that the cat decides to stay quiet so I can get more sleep, but it never works. Oh well.

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